Daniela Vargas Calvo

Daniela Vargas Calvo

Dancer / Director of Body Conditioning

Graduate of Universidad Nacional Costa Rica, UNA.
Class of 2015 · Danza · Heredia, Costa Rica.

Contemporary Dance.

Director, professor and choreographer of the “Danza Contemporánea Occidente”, of the University of Costa Rica Sede Occidente and Co-founder of the La Galera art and culture space in San Ramón de Alajuela; teacher of dance groups in the same space. Both projects are currently active.

Participation as an interpreter / creator in dance festivals, social circus, community festivals, commercial projects (Corona Dancer), social projects and interventions in public and private spaces. Her work has taken place in Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador and the United States.

Daniela has worked as a cultural manager and artistic producer in three projects in Costa Rica (La Galera, Dancerías UCR, DiColectivo) and as a collaborator in the cultural network Peña Cultural Ramonese, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica. Currently for Lannaya, she is Director of Body Conditioning, Administrative Assistant, and dancer; additionally, she’s the in-house choreographer for music videos at 512 Studios, and resident artist at Convergent Arts.

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